Always remember to laugh

… and to laugh some things off.

Speaking of White House press briefings, I stumbled across this today:

Now, to be honest, I am not the biggest fan of Jay Carney (I do remember being infatuated with Tony Snow back when he was a White House press secretary), but this did tickle me pink.  Continue reading

On war journalism …

I have always wondered if I have what it takes to be a war correspondent, which is of course something that I dream of doing  … somewhere far far far away in the future.

In the last two days, two great pieces on what it takes to be one have been brought to my attention. First, Denesteak emailed me this piece that had appeared in the July issue of British GQ.

“The reporter is often the story – and the braver his or her exploits, the better the copy,” wrote the author. He went on to add: Continue reading

Ask me how I feel about my journalism degree after reading this …

While I will be the first one to tell you that I don’t think journalists require graduate degrees in journalism or even bachelors degrees in journalism, I don’t think that not requiring one should become an industry wide standard. I learned a lot in college — particularly at my school’s paper and at my internships. With an increasing portion of internships requiring that candidates receive college credit for their work, I would never have had a chance to learn those things if it weren’t for my school.

I will also admit that I believe I learned a lot more pursuing my political science degree than my journalism one. But I was still somewhat taken off guard by this Twitter thread yesterday, which basically went:

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Courtiers … journalist … blustering whores …

… what’s the difference, right?

As the nation awaits with a bated breath to see whether Edward Snowden will be caught or not, I watch with a bated breath as this entire situation is playing out in the media circles. And I am not the only one.
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It’s June already … and no excitement here*

If you have ever attempted to discuss The Newsroom with me, you know I have a love-hate relationship with the show.

I have been passing the posters touting its second season all month — wondering why the heck they are all standing in the desert — and have finally succumbed and looked up the trailer.

And that answered exactly zero of my many questions.

I have a feeling this will remain a love-hate relationship throughout the second season.

*Last year, I was pretty excited for The Newsroom to start — and even wrote a blog with the headline ‘It’s June already … you excited yet?’


July 10th UPDATE: Denesteak has figured out why the trailer has taken place in the desert:

“It’s dramatic — he’s lost, looking for the mirage of TRUTH to save him and he found it in a television and running the news.”
Well, there you have it.